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For the W is a $100 million-plus fundraising and engagement initiative that will enhance educational opportunities for all Leathernecks. This historic, comprehensive undertaking encompasses countless initiatives to support our five colleges, athletics, scholarships, and more.

Western believes every student with the hope to succeed deserves to thrive at our institution. For more than 120 years, we have invested in honing each student’s individual strengths to turn that hope into promise.

We are ready to pave our path into the future. With fortitude, we remain devoted to the grit that made us Leathernecks.

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Western is a place for anyone who dreams of an education, regardless of their financial circumstances. The University remains committed to breaking down the financial barriers students - particularly first generation and low-income students - face. With your support, scholarships can continue to provide opportunity to future Leathernecks. You can make a difference in student dreams and help shape the trajectory of their lives.

Student & Academic Support

With this campaign, we are building 21st-century support systems that will enable all students to achieve their dreams. These programs span recruitment and admissions, academics, student life, academic coaching, mentoring, and career development. Your support will help provide students with the services they need in and out of the classroom to take advantage of all that Western has to offer them.

Technology Advancements

Our daily lives have become interwoven with and enhanced by technology, which transcends into our Leatherneck educational experience. With your support, we can advance our work in strategic areas of expertise that will inspire innovation and ensure that both technology and society can come together and continue to shape our world.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Western, everyone belongs. Our commitment to diversity enhances our educational programs, promotes the development of our students, creates vibrant workplace environments, and enables us to achieve our mission to provide a community of individuals dedicated to learning. Investing in DEI initiatives will have a profound, positive impact on our changing world through the unique interaction of instruction, research, and public service. Your support further enhances Western’s justice, inclusion, diversity, and equity initiatives.

Faculty Support

Our Leatherneck community of faculty, and students at the undergraduate and graduate level, pursue groundbreaking discoveries that identify and address complex problems that will help guide our future. We are creative and innovative with interests ranging from biosciences to fine arts, business to the social sciences, to education and technology. With strategic investments, we can continue to cultivate our faculty and our research environments and pave the way for ideas that will change our world.